Captain Planet

Captain PlanetCaptain Planet and the Planeteers was my early childhood in so many ways. I discovered the series in First Grade and was hooked. I lost touch with it as I grew older, but rediscovered it in Fifth or Sixth Grade on Cartoon Network. Here I am as an adult watching it again. I’ve seen many, but not all of the episodes. I plan to watch all of the episodes in the six-season series. My recaps will record my thoughts as I make my way through the series.

What do I love about it? Captain Planet and the Planeteers are a team of super heroes. Their plight is larger than themselves, and they give selflessly. They are true super heroes.

The Earth is dying. Gaia, the spirit of Earth, has summoned five young people from different areas of the globe. Together they fight polluters and repair the earth with elemental rings. Kwame from Africa has the Earth Ring with the power of Earth. Wheeler from North America has the Fire Ring, Linka from the Soviet Union has the Wind Ring, Gi from Asia has the Water Ring, and Ma-ti from South America has the Heart Ring, which I admittedly find pretty lame.

To learn more about these heroes and the show, check out my recaps below. I will be going through the series in order. Feel free to use the Captain Planet tag to sift through reviews.