I Have a Funko Pop Problem

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! I wanted to update around that time, but just had too much to do. I went with Josh to see his family in North Carolina, and when we weren’t with them, I was working on my final English essay or studying Psychology. My semester is finally winding down. I just had my last English class tonight. I have my last Prob and Stats class tomorrow, my last Psychology and Spanish classes on Monday, and then Finals start on Tuesday and go through the following Monday. It’s kind of bittersweet; I had really good instructors this semester and am going to miss three of my four classes. We won’t talk about my fourth (I hate it, even though I have an A and actually excel at Math).

I talk about school a lot, so here’s something different! I want you to see more of my life. Like one of my nerdy collections.

I’ve been collecting Funko Pops before collecting them became cool. I know what you’re thinking: collecting Funko Pops has never been cool. Shut up.

I have 126 Pops: X-Men, horror movie villains, Battlestar Galactica characters, Lord of the Rings characters, Disney characters, characters from comics and manga, film characters, Harry Potter characters, Power Rangers, Batman… What attracted me to Funko Pops was that they were so diverse. I am able to display tons of my fandoms in one place. I bought a (cubed) bookshelf for them and set it up beside my desk. I get in a good mood when I look at them. At the same time, I realize I have a problem.

Funko Pops Display

I think it’s the collector in me. I don’t have to “catch them all” so to speak, but when a series of Pops is released for something I’m into, or worse,Β was into and brings up feelings of nostalgia, I have a hard time not adding Pops from that series to my collection. I’m controlling myself pretty well, though. I no longer collect full series of Pops. Rather, I only buy characters I have a strong affinity for. Also, I never pay more than MSRP for a Pop. I’ve only added about five Pops to my collection this year, and that’s actually pretty good for me.


I want to show off some of my favorites.

My favorite Pops without a doubt are my horror collection. I have classics like Ghostface, Chucky, Norman Bates, Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy, and less common horror Pops like Hannibal Lector, Pennywise, Annabel, Billy (from Saw), and Sharknado. Chucky and Sharknado were actually gifts from my really good friend, Jane, so they are extra special.


My X-Men Pops are another special line. Some of my favorites include Jean Grey, black and white Wolverine, Juggernaut (in the back left corner; he’s kind of hard to see in this picture), and Beast. I have three different Logans/Wolverines. I’m a little obsessed with Wolverine.


My Spider-Man collection is another favorite. Spider-Man is my favorite super hero, hands down. I have several versions of him represented in my Pop collection as well as some of my favorite Spider-Man villains. My favorite Pops here are black and white Spider-Man, Venom, and Green Goblin.


This is one of the more random cubes. The Pop I want to show off here is Invisible Frodo Baggins. I actually found him at Barnes and Noble on Black Friday this year. He was a must-have. I have regular Frodo Baggins, but I traded him out and put him in my closet. It kind of sucks I don’t have space for both. Frodo is one of my favorite characters from anything. Honorable mentions in this pic are Michonne from The Walking Dead, E.T., and L from Death Note (eating cake!).


A lot of cool ones are in this cube: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, Sub Zero and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, Peter Pan, Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Rafiki from The Lion King holding Simba. My favorite Pop in this cube is Genie from Aladdin, though. I lucked out because he was one of my first Pops; I got him before Pops became really popular. After Robin Williams’ death, the price of Genie’s Pop skyrocketed.


The Red and White Power Rangers are particularly cool because they are the original Power Rangers Pops. You can’t find them in stores now. The Red and White Rangers available now are in different poses. Alpha 5 is also a cool Pop. I’ve seen him for around $50 on eBay.


Finally,Β  my Marvel Leftovers cube. Unmasked Captain America glows in the dark. My favorites are the front row: my Fantastic Four Pops which are hard to find now. I’ve learned if I really want a Pop of a character, I need to grab it and not put off getting it. It’s hard to tell which Pops will become rare and hard to find.


So there you have it. I’m a nerd. But you knew that already, right? In one of my next posts, I want to highlight series that Funko needs to feature in Pops.

6 Responses to I Have a Funko Pop Problem

  • Awesome collection! And yeah we already knew you were a super nerd but that’s nothing to be ashamed of. <3

  • Your Funko Pop! collection is amazing! <3 I also only collect characters I have a particular affinity for … The other day, a co-worker stopped at my desk and asked, "What kind of pop is that?" "Pineapple Fanta." "No, I mean the Funko Pop … " LOL!

    Have you heard of the new Pop! series inspired by Disney's Aladdin? The images released so far look wonderful … πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much!

      I am pumped about the new Aladdin Pops coming out! I will for sure be getting Aladdin. I’m undecided on the others! Genie Jafar looks amazing, but like I wrote, I’m very picky now because I have so many.

      The next ones I’m looking forward to are Looney Tunes! I need Taz and the Sylvester and Tweety two-pack.

  • Awesome collection! I actually have only one Funko Pop, the Dark Crystal Chamberlain figure, bought because I admire this movie and character ^^ I would also love to own a Lara Croft one!

    • Thanks, Andi! It starts with just one or two! They are like potato chips. You can’t just have one. You’ll find other characters you love and need in your collection. πŸ˜‰

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