Grand Opening

Hey, look, I’m blogging!

First off, welcome to! I’m Todd. I am a full-time student, a full-time retail merchandiser (It’s not as important or as exciting as it sounds), and a part-time nerd. I mean seriously, between work, school, and studying, I have very little free time for my interests and hobbies.

I started this blog because I love to write, and because I felt an overwhelming desire to put my thoughts out on paper (as virtual as it may be in this case) and to express myself creatively. I have been making websites since the early 2000s, and up until this website, I only made fansites. I wrote article after article on fictional characters from video games, novels, comics, TV shows, and movies. I told you I’m a nerd. I plan to still write about those things (to continue qualifying for my Nerd Card), so don’t feel like you’ve escaped this truly boring stuff. It’s just as I grow older, I feel less of a desire to run multiple websites about things I’m into, and would rather run one website about everything I’m into. Quality over quantity, or something like that.

Having said that, a Sites page is in the menu above. You can view my old stuff if you are really bored. Just please note that those sites are no longer active (aside from the fanlistings, in which I’ll keep adding new members). I made a page for my sites because they have been so important to my online identity,  because it’s hard to throw years of work away, and because people have told me they still enjoy those sites. I probably need to mention that the sites linked on that page are in various stages of disarray. I am currently going through and fixing links and urls. Give me a couple weeks to get everything polished.

Everything should be looking good here at SHARKBOY, however. Along with the bare necessities (an About page with information on me and this site, a Contact page, and a Links page) and the Sites page I wrote about above, I have started to post my writing. Right now, I have some really old poetry and some college essays up for viewing. Keep an eye on that section; it will definitely grow. More content is coming to SHARKBOY as well. I feel pretty good about what I’m launching with, though.

I hope you enjoy your stay, and I hope you continue to keep up with me! If you run a blog, please comment or reach out to me so I can follow you! Since I’m just starting out, my Blogroll is pretty small. I would love to find bloggers to follow.

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  • Hello, Todd! 🙂 I’m excited that you are starting a blog – I always get excited when my friends (online or offline) start blogs. To be honest the hard part is keeping up with it, but my only tips would be to not pressure yourself or make yourself write if you feel like you “haven’t posted in a while” or if you need a break, or even if you find that blogging isn’t for you. Blogging can take on many forms, like visual, not just writing… so days you don’t feel like writing, a creative piece or even a photo could do instead.

    I love the stylised name “SHARKBOY”! And “About” pages are definitely my favourite. 😉 A must-have and always so interesting to learn about the writer/creator/website itself.

    • Thanks so much for the advice, Georgie! I love writing, and I’ve enjoyed blogging in the past, so I think I will enjoy having a blog!

      I’m glad you like the name “SHARKBOY!” I was hesitant at first, because I’m an adult and no longer a “boy,” but the name has such significance with me online. It was my alias when I first started making sites. I considered some other options, but SHARKBOY kept popping in my head.

  • Wow! I found your site since we used to link exchange on my domain, I can understand wanting to break away and start fresh by having just one site to deal with. I run three domains and sometimes I wonder if that is too much. However, our websites are what define us sometimes. Anyways, I am glad you are into the blogging. I hope enjoy writing and bringing your thoughts into words.

    • Aw, thanks, Medli! I’m glad you followed me over!

      I am not saying I’m done with running multiple sites (fansites) forever; I just need to focus on something else. This was therapeutic, honestly.

      I agree with you 100% that our websites define us (online). I call my domain “my home on the web” for this reason. I guess I wanted my home on the web to be more about me and my writing than just about fandoms I happened to be into at a given time. I plan to write about fandoms and things I’m into here, so a lot of that stuff you’re used to seeing from me on fansites will take shape here.

      I wasn’t aware you got a new domain! I’ll be sure to link you.

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