February Review

I can’t believe I only wrote one entry in February. So sorry about that, guys. February kicked my butt. Well, I guess school kicked my butt in February. I finished one of my courses, Math for Elementary Education I this past Monday. It geared up soon after my last entry and went full-throttle until the end of the month. I got through it, however, and I got through it with an A. I’m pretty proud of myself.

My lowest grades were the project grades, and they were group projects (read: the devil).


Math for Elementary Education II started Wednesday, and it should go a little smoother.

I had to write another essay in my American Literature course immediately after turning my last one in. I turned it in early last week. My third and final essay for that course isn’t due until the end of the semester, so I have some time to breathe.

Needless to say, February has been school, school, and more school. I will get back to my recaps and other hobbies as soon as I can.

For my sanity, I’ve been playing a little bit of Fire Emblem Heroes on my phone. By “a little bit,” I mean I’ve been obsessed with the game. I didn’t want to start a game on my 3DS, Switch, or PS4 because I didn’t want to get distracted from my school work, and knew if I started a new game, I’d spend hours playing it instead of writing my essay, doing online Math homework, or reading a story for American Literature… I figured Fire Emblem Heroes was casual enough to play for minutes at a time, but it’s addicting. I’ve had to limit myself, haha.

I have two teams. My main team is Corrin, Leon, Donnel, and Hector. I started a second team pretty recently of all cavalry units: Seth, Olwen, Titania, and Priscilla. Good times are being had.

FE Heroes FE Heroes
I’ve also been keeping my sanity with physical fitness. I started doing push-ups again. I do them about three or four times a week. They’re quick and easy to do, but I’ve already started noticing results. I wasn’t exactly unhealthy before, but physical fitness is good. I’m not looking to be a body builder or anything. I just want more definition in my chest and arms. I’ve also been running with Helo. We have been running about two miles twice a week. I know I’m not working out a lot, and my workouts aren’t that strenuous, but they work for me. I can already tell a difference in how I look and feel. I have more energy. I know if I try to push myself to do more, I will burn out and won’t work out at all. What works for me is working out when I want to, when it’s comfortable and I have the free time.

I made time for my seventh and eighth grade Sunday School class in February as well. We have been discussing prayer. I want them to see that 1) there is no right or wrong way to pray (although their Youth Minister and I have been discussing structures for those who feel shy and need the structure) and 2) anyone and everyone can pray. I value my Sundays with those kids. Everyone I speak to about my intentions to teach Middle School goes, “Are you sure? Hold on and think about it. Middle School is awful.” Those kids are the best. I love them.

So, that was February. I hope to be more active here at SHARKBOY in March. Maybe I’ll have time for a recap! Captain Planet and Goosebumps are looking pretty darn good.

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  • Wooo, congratulations on completing the Math for Elementary Education. You passed with a high score and should be proud. Group projects can be so hard. You never know what your team members are going to be like. In the end, you can only hope for the best and try to work together. It’s great you have been enjoying the game and found the time for exercise! Since my new puppy arrived, it has forced me into walking which has been a blessing. 😀

    • Thank you! I’m so excited for you and your new puppy!

      In group projects someone always ends up pulling less than their share, and I end up pulling more than mine. Always. I hate group dynamics where they’re like “I’m okay with a C on this,” because I am never okay with a C and have to pull it up to an A myself.

  • Congrats on finishing up that course, and congrats on the grade. Group projects were always a pain. Group projects, sometimes, seems to give people a reason to slack – thinking everyone else will pull through for them. February, it seems, has been a time for everything (blog wise) to be busy with other things. For the past couple weeks I’ve been focused on the opening of my current job. I’m going to break down and finally buy Sonic Forces for switch. I know I shouldn’t, but I think I need to take a break from Friday The 13th. haha. Once I get my new tower case and a headset my boyfriend is going to try to get me to play some of the guys he plays with his friends online – we’ll see how well that works out for him. I used to work 3 miles everyday when I worked at my old job, but now I’ve become lazy because I ride the bus and only walk .3 miles. I always consider all the walking I do at work though.

    • Thanks, Christa!

      I just bought Sonic Forces on Switch but haven’t had a chance to open it yet. We need to exchange friend codes!

      I’ve been wanting to play Friday the 13th. How is it?

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