If you are looking to contact me, there are multiple options available to you. I love hearing from my visitors, so please do not hesitate reaching out to me if you have a question, an issue, or just want to say hi. The best ways to contact me are via e-mail, or by commenting on one of my blog entries. I reply to every comment and e-mail I receive. If you do not hear from me within a week or two, feel to reach out to me again.

I am also fairly active on Twitter and can be reached there. If you decide to follow me on Twitter, just shoot me a tweet or DM to let me know who you are, and I’ll follow you back.

Frequent Questions

Will you make me a…? Can you teach me how you did…?

I don’t make layouts or graphics for people. The sad truth is I just don’t have time.  I might be able to answer simple questions about things I’ve made, though. Shoot me an e-mail.

Can I share your article/poem/essay on my website or blog?

Probably, but I like to know where my stuff is going, so shoot me an e-mail about it anyway.

What does it mean your old sites are frozen? Will they ever be unfrozen?

I hate to use the word “archived” when I write about the status of my sites, because an archive is so final to me. The word “frozen” is similar in that my sites are no longer updated, but I feel like I can unfreeze them at any time if I ever change my mind or feel like working on one or more of them again. I’ve always kind of faded in and out of the “shrine hobby,” so I suspect I may fade back in one of these days. I can definitely say blogging and creating content here at SHARKBOY is my online focus. I am determined to run one website for now.